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Europe goes live

Europe goes live is the new series of online conferences where we discuss the latest trends and share insights on the development of Live Commerce in Europe, together with experts and professionals from companies at the forefront of Live Shopping throughout the continent.

Episode #2 How to get started with Live Shopping: 3 actionable strategies to create impactful live shows

In the first episode of Europe goes LIVE, we highlighted how Live Shopping is revolutionizing online sales throughout Europe. But what do you need to start adopting Live Commerce for your e-commerce? What are some practical tips for organizing and broadcasting effective live events? Don't make the mistake of assuming that live streaming technology is all you need. When it comes to creating Live Shopping shows, strategy and organization are key.

Join our second episode to discover concrete strategies and actionable tips for getting started with Live Commerce. We will show you how to create jaw-dropping Live Shopping events, with real-life examples, case studies and testimonials from experts in different industries.

Interactive live event

Join our event to learn strategies and insights on:

Kick-off: How to start implementing Live Shopping for your e-commerce

Logistics: How to organize a live event

Content: How to deliver great shows with the right content and the best hosts

Mediatization: How to communicate and promote your events

Expert advice: Examples and tips from experts and companies that successfully adopted Live Shopping

This is not just a conference

It's an interactive event where you will have the chance to live a true Live Experience – the best way to understand Live Shopping is to experience it!

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