Episode #3 : Shoppable Videos: Enhancing E-commerce by Integrating Short-Form Videos

The growth of short-form videos is reshaping the way consumers discover products and shop online. How can you incorporate them into your website to enhance your e-commerce experience? Get ready to unlock the power of Shoppable Videos. In this conference, you’ll learn how to leverage the potential of short videos by seamlessly integrating them into your e-commerce website. We will show you how to create inspiring shoppable video content and help you embrace Video Commerce with the right strategy. You’ll also have the chance to discover real examples and testimonials from experts in different industries.

Join us to discover:

Why short videos are becoming so popular and why e-commerce companies should include them in their content strategy

What are shoppable videos and what opportunities they offer

How to craft compelling content to inspire viewers and deliver engaging shoppable experiences

What you need to get started and develop an effective Video Commerce strategy

What are some examples from industry experts who successfully adopted Shoppable Videos?

Live contest: win a free strategic session!

By watching the conference live on our website, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a contest. The winner will receive a free consultancy session for their e-commerce/online business with one of our hosts and experts in Live & Video Commerce!

The Speakers during the conference