The First-Ever Report on Live Commerce in Europe

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We are thrilled to unveil to you our research - The very 1st report conducted in Europe dedicated to exploring the world of Live Shopping. 

With this comprehensive study we aim to delve into the world of Live Commerce in Europe; uncovering insights, analyzing trends, and future predictions that will shape the landscape of e-commerce!

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Why Are We Doing This Report?

It is clear that the rise of Live Shopping has been revolutionary in the e-commerce industry! Online shopping is evolving, consumers are craving more and more engaging and interactive experiences! Live Shopping is a unique opportunity for brands and retailers to be able to connect with their audience by fostering trust and excitement.

We at Live Shopping Europe recognized the immense potential of this trend. With this report, we aim to:
- provide valuable insights into the current state of live shopping in Europe
- identify all key challenges and opportunities
- promote some useful cases from the industry.

and generally to pave our way for future innovation in the industry.

"Live shopping introduces the human factor and the consulting dimension, which are lacking in e-commerce and which were previously reserved for points of sale. Interactive, live commerce allows the buyer to exchange directly with the seller-influencer. The perfect alliance between digital and physical store."
Antoine Leclercq, founder and CEO of Caast TV

Why is it important?

With this report, we aim to answer one fundamental question: What is the future of live shopping?

By gathering the data, conducting interviews with diverse people in the e-commerce industry, and analyzing the trends, we will uncover the unknown potential of Live Commerce and shed light on the path forward for businesses in Europe!

This first-ever report on Live Commerce trends in Europe marks a significant milestone in our journey towards shaping the future of e-commerce! We invite everyone – retailers, brands, and industry professionals – to join us on this exciting journey as we uncover the potential of Live Commerce in Europe.

This report will help all the industry to identify the tendencies and the best case to replicate.

“Ultimately, the strength of Live Shopping is that it’s a form of People-Based Marketing, helping brands create human-to-human relationships with consumers. This is why in the future, it will have an ever-growing role: as e-commerce continues to expand, the need for a human dimension becomes increasingly vital to foster genuine connections and enhance the overall shopping experience.”
Marianna Chillau, CEO and co-founder of Marlene Live
Fill out the survey in English
Fill out the survey in French
Fill out the survey in Italian

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