Episode #4 - 3 strategies to Build a Strong Audience for Your Live Shows and Video Content

Live Shopping success requires a massive viewership. How do you attract viewers and cultivate a loyal, recurring audience for your live events? In this episode, you’ll learn the strategies to amplify event promotion and create Live Shopping experiences that captivate a huge audience.

Join us to discover:

How to create an omnichannel communication plan to reach users across digital and offline touchpoints

How to engage your viewers throughout every phase: pre-live, during and post-live

How to outline a strategic Live Shopping plan to effectively organize live events that attract users and build a loyal viewership

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Live contest: win a free strategic session!

By watching the conference live on our website, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a contest. The winner will receive a free consultancy session for their e-commerce/online business with one of our hosts and experts in Live & Video Commerce!

The Speakers during the conference