Caast is a Live Shopping platform

It allows you to stream events Live and in replay with features such as real-time chat, product highlighting, and integrations with external partners. It offers the option to choose the orientation of your streams and add products to the cart directly from the live video. The moderation interface in Caast ensures a comfortable and high-quality exchange between your audience and presenters, as well as the creation of a replay with marked and searchable audience questions. Caast provides detailed analytics tools and is compatible with external sources such as YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo, allowing for simultaneous broadcasting on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. It also offers specific features for trade marketing and marketplaces, including brand access and shop in shop management.

More than a technological solution

Caast TV offers global support and manages all the stages: organization of the live, identification and brief of the host, moderation during the live, post-production... According to Antoine Leclercq, CEO & founder of Caast TV : "Managing Live Commerce goes far beyond implementing a solution on a site. We want to help customers in an integral way. The success of a live show is also based on the way of presenting the products, of correctly recording, of advising the presenter on the way they speak... so many essential steps that we manage if the client wishes, with the goal of having the best possible presentation"

"Live shopping introduces the human factor and the consulting dimension, which are lacking in e-commerce and which were previously reserved for points of sale. Interactive, live commerce allows the buyer to exchange directly with the seller-influencer. The perfect alliance between digital and physical store."

Antoine Leclercq, founder and CEO of Caast TV