Marlene is a comprehensive Live Shopping solution

Marlene is designed to assist e-commerce companies in organizing and broadcasting memorable live shopping events. Our solution goes beyond mere technology by offering strategic consultancy, project management, influencer search, and host training to support businesses in all stages of their Live Shopping endeavors.

With Marlene, you can create engaging and impactful live shows, with a well-defined strategy for your Live Shopping plan, the best content for your live shows, and carefully selected and trained hosts. We launched the industry’s very first Live Streaming School, dedicated to creating a category of professional Live Shopping hosts for brands.

All you need to create memorable Live Experiences

Marlene offers an all-encompassing range of services to help you deliver unique, memorable live shows. As Marianna Chillau, CEO & Co-Founder Marlene Live, points out: "Live Shopping is not just about technology: it’s about delivering engaging content to solve problems and entertain viewers. You can’t just activate the streaming service, turn the camera on and showcase your products. That’s why it’s important to have a solid strategy with well-planned shows, outstanding content, and the best hosts! This is what allows you to establish meaningful human connections with your audience and nurture a community of loyal brand advocates."

“Ultimately, the strength of Live Shopping is that it’s a form of People-Based Marketing, helping brands create human-to-human relationships with consumers.”

Marianna Chillau, CEO Marlene Live