Streams.live is a Live commerce software as a service based in Austin, Texas, operating on the US and European market.

The software combines eCommerce with entertainment turning it into Live Stream Shopping. However, Streams.live is not your regular Live Shopping Software. Although it has features such as one-to-many Live Show, or one-to-one Live Parties, integrations with eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, WooCommerce or CS Cart, what really stands out as a unique feature is the possibility of selling NFTs directly in video, opening the way to the future of shopping: Token Gated Commerce.

Our team has been building payments tech for live experiences for the largest events and venues in the world. We understand that more fun means more sales.
We’ve put all our knowledge into building Streams.live and helping you create the best live stream shopping experience, without deep technical knowledge.

“Live shopping comes with a lot of advantages for any business that has an eCommerce component. As it is a combination of video streaming, social media, and online shopping, I genuinely believe that it is the single and most visible innovation that eCommerce has seen in the last decades. As younger generations want value, authenticity and experiences from brands, Live shopping is growing in Europe as the obvious choice for companies that want to try something different and with a strong impact when it comes to sales. From our experience in the US market and in Eastern Europe, the average conversion rate for a live shopping session is 9%, which I think makes it one of the most powerful tools that an online store can use to increase its sales.“

Mihai Manescu, Live shopping evangelist